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Who is RADAR aimed at?

RADAR is currently only aimed at publicly funded research institutions in Germany that want to offer researchers an infrastructure for research data management. RADAR focuses in particular on research data from the so-called "long tail" disciplines, i.e. from disciplines that deal with smaller amounts of data and usually do not yet have their own infrastructures.
Services for institutions that are not publicly funded or are not located in Germany are in preparation.

What requirements must be met in order to use RADAR?

The use of RADAR as an infrastructure for the management of research data at an institution requires the conclusion of a service contract between the institution and FIZ Karlsruhe. More information about the contract, the RADAR service description and the terms of use can be found here.

Why does RADAR cost something and how much?

RADAR's business model is based on sustainability and transparency. It is based on usage-dependent fees, contract fees and institutional support. The prices depend on the data volume and the service used. For more information, please refer to the RADAR price list.

Is it necessary to conclude a contract before using RADAR?

In order to publish or archive research data with RADAR, research institutions must first sign a contract with FIZ Karlsruhe. RADAR offers interested institutions the opportunity to test the service in advance without obligation via the test system. In order to view and download published dataset, neither a contract nor a registration is necessary. However, data users must adhere to the terms of use.

Can contracts be viewed in advance?

The RADAR customer contract is available here.

Is there a way to test RADAR without obligation?

Yes, you can test RADAR for your institution free of charge and without any obligations via our test system. For more information on the test system, please refer to this page.