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How do I upload data to RADAR?

To upload data to RADAR, you must be a registered user and have curator or subcurator rights.

Which data types and formats can be archived and published with RADAR?

RADAR does not impose any restrictions on the type or format of data.
For example, datasets in RADAR can contain raw data or data in different processing stages. RADAR recommends formats that are suitable for long-term preservation. For more information, please refer to the Glossary entry for file formats.
No data subject to data protection laws may be stored with RADAR.

Can datasets still be processed after being uploaded to RADAR?

As long as a dataset is in the pending status, changes can still be made to its content and description.
Once the dataset has been archived or published by the curator, no further changes can be made. This ensures that the dataset can be cited. If changes or corrections are necessary after archiving or publication, a new version of the dataset can be created with a reference to the original version in the description (using the fields "Related Identifier" and "Relation Type").
If it should be necessary to delete a published dataset, RADAR will keep the landing page of the dataset to ensure referencing.

Can datasets be uploaded automatically?

Yes, automatic data transfer is possible via the RADAR API. More information about using the API can be found here.

What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded?

Depending on the browser used, uploads of at least 10 GB are possible via the RADAR user interface. Internet Explorer is only supported from version 11 onwards, since Microsoft has stopped maintaining older versions in 2016. The use of older versions therefore poses a potential security risk.

Larger files can only be transferred via HTTP clients such as Curl. The uploadURL / ingestURL can be requested via the API. More information about the RADAR API can be found here.

The limit set by the RADAR archive system is 600 GB. However, uploading or downloading files of this size is time-consuming.

Can personal data be stored in RADAR?

No personal data may be stored in RADAR. This restriction is stated in the RADAR Licence, Terms and Conditions  for Data Providers (Curators). Data Providers agree to these terms when a user contract is concluded.