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How long are datasets stored in RADAR?

The retention period for archived datasets is selected by the data provider and can range from 5 to 15 years. If necessary, the retention period can be adjusted, please contact RADAR for this purpose.
Published datasets are stored permanently. RADAR guarantees the availability of published datasets for at least 25 years.

Can the retention period be extended if necessary?

The retention period of archived datasets can be extended by renewing the contract. Permanent storage is provided for published datasets. RADAR guarantees the availability of published datasets for at least 25 years.

Are datasets deleted after the retention period?

Published datasets are available permanently (at least 25 years). For archived datasets, the specified contact person is informed half a year before the retention period ends. The administrator is informed again shortly before the deadline expires. If the customer does not act by the end of the retention period, the dataset will be deleted.

Can a dataset be published after a specified embargo period has expired?

The data provider can define an embargo period for datasets in RADAR. The descriptive metadata is published immediately after publication and the dataset is assigned a DOI. The research data can only be viewed publicly after the specified embargo period has expired.

Does RADAR provide persistent identifiers for datasets?

Published datasets are assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in RADAR. This makes unique and persistent identification as well as reliable citation of datasets possible.
Archived datasets receive a RADAR identifier.

How long does it take for a published dataset to receive a DOI?

RADAR assigns temporary DOIs for published datasets. This preliminary DOI can be passed on to third parties by the data provider. DOI resolving and forwarding to the storage location only works if the mandatory fields in the metadata form have been filled in and the dataset has been published.

What does a DOI refer to?

RADAR assigns a DOI to each published dataset. The data provider decides on the scope and granularity of a dataset. Depending on the context, it may be useful to combine one or more files in a .ZIP file and store them in a dataset.

Can published datasets be deleted?

Generally, published datasets can be deleted. In this case, the landing page with information about the dataset and a reference to the deletion is retained.