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RADAR Metadata Schema

The RADAR Metadata Schema is a list of core metadata properties which allow you to describe your research data. The RADAR Metadata Schema is based on the DataCite Metadata Schema Kernel 4.0, a widely used standard for describing datasets in a discipline-agnostic way. Providing metadata with your published or archived data in RADAR ensures that it is findable, accessible, interoperable and reproducible.


The present version includes ten mandatory fields which contain the main requirements for the DOI registration in accordance with the DataCite Metadata Schema 4.0 and must be supplied when submitting metadata to RADAR. Additionally, thirteen optional parameters serve the purpose of describing discipline-specific data.


RADAR Schema .zip


We provide an extensive documentation of the RADAR Metadata Schema with attribute values and controlled vocabularies for your reference.


If you have any comments on any challenges you face with the current schema - i.e. what’s not working for you? If you have any ideas for additions that would make the schema work better for you, or questions you have about the schema, please let us know using the contact us form.