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Rights and roles

RADAR is based on a clear distribution of roles and tasks.

  • Administrator: (Contract) administrators are people designated by the customer to set up and manage new workspaces in RADAR, assign the roles of curator or subcurator for a workspace to users, define the maximum available storage volume and view statistics. Administrators also decide which RADAR services (data publication or archiving) to use. A contract can have one or more administrators.
  • Curator: A curator is responsible for the research data of a workspace and is appointed by the administrator. A workspace may have one or more curators. The curator is a data provider with full rights who can transfer research data to RADAR, describe it with metadata and archive or publish it. Curators can designate additional persons as subcurators and grant individual registered users access to archived datasets.
  • Subcurator: Subcurators are assigned to a specific workspace by the administrator or curator. A workspace can have one or more subcurators. The subcurator is a data provider with restricted rights that can only transfer data to RADAR and describe it with metadata. Subcurators have read access to the datasets archived in their workspace.