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Lacher, Larissa [Aerosolforschung]

Adams, Michael P. [Adams, Michael P.]

Barry, Kevin [Barry, Kevin]

Bertozzi, Barbara [Bertozzi, Barbara]

Bingemer, Heinz [Bingemer, Heinz]

Boffo, Cristian [Boffo, Cristian]

Bras, Yannick [Bras, Yannick]

Büttner, Nicole [Büttner, Nicole]

Castarede, Dimitri [Castarede, Dimitri]

Cziczo, Daniel J. [Cziczo, Daniel J.]

DeMott, Paul J. [DeMott, Paul J.]

Fösig, Romy [Aerosolforschung]

Goodell, Meghan [Goodell, Meghan]

Höhler, Kristina [Aerosolforschung]

Hill, Thomas C. J. [Hill, Thomas C. J.]

Jentzsch, Conrad [Jentzsch, Conrad]

Ladino, Luis A. [Ladino, Luis A.]

Levin, Ezra J. T. [Levin, Ezra J. T.]

Mertes, Stephan [Mertes, Stephan]

Möhler, Ottmar [Aerosolforschung]

Moore, Kathryn A. [Moore, Kathryn A.]

Murray, Benjamin J. [Murray, Benjamin J.]

Nadolny, Jens [Nadolny, Jens]

Pfeuffer, Tatjana [Pfeuffer, Tatjana]

Picard, David [Picard, David]

Ramírez-Romero, Carolina [Ramírez-Romero, Carolina]

Ribeiro, Mickael [Ribeiro, Mickael]

Richter, Sarah [Richter, Sarah]

Schrod, Jann [Schrod, Jann]

Sellegri, Karine [Sellegri, Karine]

Stratmann, Frank [Stratmann, Frank]

Swanson, Benjamin E. [Swanson, Benjamin E.]

Thomson, Erik S. [Thomson, Erik S.]

Wex, Heike [Wex, Heike]

Wolf, Martin J. [Wolf, Martin J.]

Freney, and Evelyn [Freney, and Evelyn]
The Puy de Dôme ICe Nucleation Intercomparison Campaign (PICNIC): Comparison between online and offline methods in ambient air
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(Abstract) Ice crystal formation in mixed-phase clouds is initiated by specific aerosol particles, termed ice-nucleating particles (INPs). Only a tiny fraction of all aerosol particles are INPs, providing a challenge for contemporary INP measurement techniques. Models have shown that the presence of INPs in clouds can impact their radiative properties and induce precipitation formation. However, for a qualified implementation of INPs in models, measurement techniques able to accurately detect the temperature-dependent INP concentration are needed. Here we present measurements of INP concentrations in ambient air under conditions relevant to mixed-phase clouds from a total of ten INP methods over two weeks in October 2018 at the Puy de Dôme observatory in central France. A special focus in this intercomparison campaign was placed on having overlapping sampling periods. Although a variety of different measurement principles were used, the majority of the data show INP concentrations within a factor of 5 of one another, demonstrating the suitability of the instruments to derive model-relevant INP data. Lower values of comparability are likely due to instrument-specific features such as aerosol lamina spreading in continuous-flow diffusion chambers, demonstrating the need to account for such phenomena when interpreting INP concentration data from online instruments. Moreover, consistently higher INP concentrations were observed from aerosol filters collected on the rooftop at the Puy de Dôme station without the use of an aerosol inlet.
(Technical Remarks) Ice-nucleating particle concentration measurements from two continuous flow diffusion chambers (CFDC; Colorado State University-Continuous Flow Diffusion Chamber, CSU-CFDC; Spectrometer for Ice Nuclei, SPIN) and an expansion chamber (Portable Ice Nucleation Experiment, PINE) and seven offline freezing techniques using water suspensions of filter-collected particles sampled (FRankfurt Ice Nuclei Deposition FreezinG Experiment, FRIDGE; Ice Nucleation Droplet Array, INDA; Ice Nucleation Spectrometer of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, INSEKT; Ice Spectrometer, IS; Leipzig Ice Nucleation Array, LINA; LED based Ice Nucleation Detection Apparatus LINDA; Micro-Orifice Uniform Deposit Impactor–Droplet Freezing Technique, UNAM-MOUDI-DFT).
Ice-nucleating particles
Intercomparison campaign
Puy de Dôme
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Geological Science
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Adams, Michael P.

Barry, Kevin

Bertozzi, Barbara

Bingemer, Heinz

Boffo, Cristian

Bras, Yannick

Büttner, Nicole

Castarede, Dimitri

Cziczo, Daniel J.

DeMott, Paul J.

Goodell, Meghan

Hill, Thomas C. J.

Jentzsch, Conrad

Ladino, Luis A.

Levin, Ezra J. T.

Mertes, Stephan

Möhler, Ottmar

Moore, Kathryn A.

Murray, Benjamin J.

Nadolny, Jens

Pfeuffer, Tatjana

Picard, David

Ramírez-Romero, Carolina

Ribeiro, Mickael

Richter, Sarah

Schrod, Jann

Sellegri, Karine

Stratmann, Frank

Swanson, Benjamin E.

Thomson, Erik S.

Wex, Heike

Wolf, Martin J.

Freney, and Evelyn
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